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Simulating PVT for topologies?[edit]

Adding here since PVT simulations tend to result in significant performance variation, especially for certain topologies; the issue being that TT simulations then could showcase good performance and potentially mislead readers into thinking a certain topology is superior.

Although it is not clear there will be bandwidth to cover PVT simulations in the beginning, perhaps in the future it can be considered to convey a more complete picture for readers.

There are also questions as to the suitability of current educational PDKs when considering PVT simulations, and further how the corners can be run efficiently with the current toolchain. Given time to explore this, it could be considered at a future date.

How to make it easy to support multiple educational kits[edit]

We need to devise a format whereby we can write any article in a number of open educational kits, that way everyone feels like they can get started right away with what they are familiar with, the requirement however is that the kit is open (and of good enough quality) for anyone to double check and contribute to anyone else's articles.