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Welcome to ICclopedia!

A community library of elementary building blocks for learning about integrated circuits. An educational living reference to learn and recall.

Please take a second to read about this project and don't hesitate to contact us, discuss and create new articles. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We strongly believe incremental improvement through join community efforts and constructive feedback can be more effective in producing quality material that is more maintainable, updated and useful over time.

Also please read our disclaimer and contact us if you feel any of the published content should be removed. We will do our best to remove content that does not comply with our community guidelines.

How to get started with ICclopedia?

ICclopedia is organized in a top down approach: from the functional application down to the elementary circuit block. This structure is better explained in our circuit directory below and will become more clear as circuit categories start evolving. A top down approach is more natural in motivating newcomers to this field, as well as in allowing for circuit choice and re-use for others using this resource as a reference.

ICclopedia uses an open toolchain for enabling circuit simulation and analysis of any of the circuits presented, also for reproducibility of results. It also employs a common template structure for each circuit entry (please keep it in mind as a helpful reference when getting started with a new circuit post) for consistency.

To contribute, we recommend the following steps:

1. Install the toolchain: The tools needed for simulation and analysis of circuits.

2. Get familiar with the template structure for any circuit entry.

3. Check our circuit directory for ideas, here you can:

  • Contribute to existing circuits
  • Use the directory for reference, or
  • Create new circuits (see next item below)

4. Get started: If there is a circuit you feel should be included in ICclopedia, feel free to create a new page (even a placeholder will help get started).

It is easy to get started, for example to create a new circuit page you do the following (replace Circuit_name below with the actual name of your circuit using the same format):

Then you press create, and voila, you are ready to go.

5. Feedback: please feel free to contribute to any existing circuit and let us know if you spot something wrong or missing by starting a discussion at the respective page as well.

Please let us know your feedback in the discussion tab for this page.

-- The ICclopedia Community