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Better support for multiple educational kits (probably not needed but open for discussion)[edit]

One pending discussion item is how do we support simulation results for the circuits under multiple education/open kits.

  • Do we stick to one education open kit used to simulate all circuits across ICclopedia?
  • Do we allow support for multiple open kits, then how do we deal with the same circuit topology but simulated with different kit's? should we support this? Still haven't come up with a structured way to do this without it blowing up?

One way this could work is by making another circuit directory page specific for that kit, and adding a pre/post-fix to all articles that belong to that kit: that way there could be multiple circuit kit-directories; though to be honest this is overkill at this point...

We need to think of avoiding to make ICclopedia a library of circuits to use in designs (it is important to avoid going this route) and instead focus on making ICclopedia a learning tool.

Citations for every article[edit]

Please keep in mind that every article that is added should have a source added to it (or a reference to public domain material if available). Please avoid adding any un-cited material, as this will help maintain a peace of mind for everyone.

Support for corners within each circuit article[edit]

One thing that is missing which would be very helpful is to have PVT results in each article. This is important as comparing performance on typical does not really allow for a fair comparison across circuits (it may be misleading).

We could start by just supporting a minimum set of extreme corners (2: FF V_high T_high, SS V_low T_low) and updating the spice tbs to support this, then updating the articles template structure to add this data and comment on results.

Talk pages alongside article[edit]

Can we make it such that comments about an article are shown next to article, that way it can be a bit more interactive?