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Need to add noise characterization[edit]

I am not sure if it is better to make a new post discussing the noise of a simple RC before going into trying to explain about intrinsic noise of devices.

Need to add linearity characterization[edit]

Research and add a bit on this

All graphs for different transistor lengths need to be done maintaining ratios[edit]

The point of the variation of lengths section is to look at "differences" between "technology" (meaning in our case using our educational kit but just changing the lengths), so you should alter the width to maintain the same (say 2x ratio for the minimum length chosen), you can not keep the width fixed otherwise w/l is changing which has an effect on parameters.

Rout plots, effects of different lengths[edit]

In a way that allows for a fair comparison across. Could be nice to add this before dc gain plot

Transistor stacks, for small devices[edit]

Just to add some plots to illustrate tradeoffs a bit