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1. License[edit]

All material in this community library is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license to foster collaboration and re-use. It is provided in good faith in the hope that it will be useful but with no warranty of any kind.

2. Attribution to Sources[edit]

All material should give attribution and cite prior applicable work and external reference sources giving due credit to the respective authors.

Please feel free to contribute references and discuss inclusion into article as you see the need.

3. No Confidential Information[edit]

No confidential or undisclosed company proprietary information or trade secrets (IP) should be posted on ICclopedia.

As all material in ICclopedia is contributed by individuals in the community. We ask that everyone please refrain from posting/disclosing any confidential material. Help us by flagging such content for removal (or start a discussion if in doubt), we will strive to remove this content promptly.

Thank you,

-- ICclopedia Community

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